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#MemeMonday! So I got tagged by my friends to do this forever ago & I’m bad about remembering to post. Better late than never!

1st cosplay: Kinza from Pilot Candidate for Goddess back at AWA 2004. I’ve been cosplaying a bit over 10 years now which just feels crazy! 

2nd cosplay: Deedlit from Record of Loddoss War. I put a lot of effort and tried a lot of new techniques on this cosplay back in the day so even though it’d didn’t hold up to the test of time, I’m proud of how this one was for back in 2005.

3rd cosplay: Tifa from Final Fantasy VII which was just a simple, fail closet cosplay that I did to cosplay in a group with my best friend.

Most satisfied with: Probably Azula from Avatar.  Honestly, there’s something on pretty much all my cosplays that I’m not satisfied with whether it’s overall look or construction. I either push myself on a costume and wish my construction was better or don’t push myself and feel underwhelmed with it.  Hoping to get better about finding a happy medium there!

Least satisfied with: Yui from Fushigi Yugi. I only wore this 1 time and it was REALLY bad. Like, only 1 photo exists of me wearing this and that’s 1 photo too many!

Next cosplay: My next big project is a secret, but I might bust out a small project or 2 to test out some techniques for the big project I’m working on so I’m not really sure. 

Tagging: No one since I’m pretty sure everyone has already done 

this cause I’m a slow poke at memes ^^;

Photo credits: 

Kinza & Yui unknown, Deedlit by RisingSun, Tifa by EurobeatKing, and Azula by Lionel 





I don’t even know Young Justice that well, but when I saw Acksons’ video, a gif demanded to be created, so feel free to tell me who’s who, so I can properly tag stuff; I tried to tag as much as I could, though idk if it’s right OTL

From Acksons’ Creatives and the video can be found here, though the sound was removed D:

Oh, that awesome Robin’s DA is here, btw

Also, catch Robin being awesome again in this video

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