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Our Holiday Bunny Group at DragonCon!

Saint Patrick’s Day- Elyse
Black/White Day- Alexis
Black Friday- Sizzing
4th of July- Yoko Mizuhara
Valentines Day- Hollowkonpaku
Thanksgiving- TenkaiStar
Halloween- Me! ThatGryffindork(LinkInSpirit)
Cinco De Mayo- Havenaims
Day of the Dead- Toriko
Easter- ???

Photographer- GPFunkLeatherWorks
Editor- piperonni

My bunny ladies <3 They pledged allegiance to the booty!


Record of Lodoss War_Deedlit

A ‘Record of the Lodoss War’ was published by revised edition in korea, last year. In that project, I did the cover illustration and renewal work of characters. Personally most exciting thing was ‘Mizuno Ryo’(author) and ‘Yuki Nobuteru’(character designer) checked my progress. It was tough work. But, it was such a honor to work with those two amazing guys.

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