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A Sewing Foot Guide for Cosplayers

New tutorial! And holy crap IT’S A BIG VIDEO!

After getting all sorts of new sewing feet I decided to make a mini guide (not really mini) about all different kinds of sewing feet and what they can do. In the video description I also linked Amazon places to purchase, as well as more in-depth tutorials of each foot by Sewing Machine Parts Online (where I found all this information.)

And remember: I am an Open Book Cosplayer! Feel free to send any questions in my Ask box or comment on the video!

Cosplay Jello Wrestling League on American Cosplay Backer

Help me achieve my dream of starting a cosplay jello wrestling league!
Just imagine, all cosplay disputes being solved through jello wrestling in cosplay instead of anonymous 4chan backstabbing. This will bring about a new age of cosplay peace and harmony!
I’m awesome at making jello & have lots of friends who I’m sure I can start wrestling for the initial cosplay jello wrestling matches!

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