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vicechan asked:

Hi! Happy Friday the 13th! I found you while looking through the A-Kon tag. We talked a bit about that one summer camp convention outside of the registration room on Sunday. I took your picture with Symbiote Black Cat and just posted it. :D What was that con called again? I have a terrible auditory memory sometimes. Hope you are doing well and it's good to see you around here!

Sorry about the belated response. I get so few messages on here I forget to check it sometimes ^^; 
The con at a camp is Play On Con ( It already happened this year but you should totally plan to go next year. It was a blast. It’s a smaller con but one of the most fun weekends I’ve had in a LONG time. It’s very different from other cons in a great way so I plan to go back from now on!

Tip Tuesday! For anyone trying to do the DC Bombshell Harley from #Batman#makeup, I made a little #tutorial here:

This is my 1st video tutorial so I know I still need a lot of work on the recording side especially since this was when I was stuck in glasses & doing makeup for a tutorial in glasses is HARD! So sorry about that, but I hope this can help some people out for #ClownMakeup styles.
Only 30 #DaysTilDragoncon so time to test out all the makeup and get that coswork into high gear!

‪‎WIP‬ Wednesday! Here’s my update video from last week, week 4, on‪ DaysTilDragonCon‬ where I have a clown face, can-can dance, and talk about my fishy jacket too much!

I also go over some of the products I used for my DCBobmshell‬ Harley‪ Makeup‬ and put my Arda Wigs on my fat head!

Check out more of the cosplay‬ count down till Dragoncon2014‬ on Word of the Nerd Online!

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