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I should have been a hermit getting ready for dragoncon for awhile now since I’ve got to finish Jasmine (Aladdin), savage land Rogue (x-men), Miss Fortune (LOL), Clobberella (Futurama), and fix up Maid Marian (Men In Tights) and Bishojo Rogue (x-men). 

I’m so excited for sukoshicon Birmingham right now, but so nervous too!  All the events are going to be amazing & everything always goes well, but I just stress out so much because I want it to be the best it possibly can for everyone who attends.  Plus, while I feel confident running events/interactive panel….I feel underqualified & ridiculous in panels where it’s mostly me talking, even though I put a lot of research & preperation into everything…..
Anyway, everyone should come join the awesomeness tha is SUKOSHICON Birmingham!  We’ll have all the normal staples of anime conventions plus interactive pokemon events, anime themed carnival games, a bouncy house, & more!

Right now, I really need to remind myself this ^^;  It’s always worth it & most of the time I really love making costumes, it’s just times like this when I’ve got midterms, work, cosplay, and I’m behind on everything that I realize how slow I am at cosplay & how last minute things end up that I just want to burn it all…seriously, I need a cosplay that I can catch on fire a little to make this more fun!

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