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So some AMAZING gentleman had a bag of tiny pokemon and handed them out to people. The idea is to ask people “have you had a random encounter?” And trade your pokemon. Whatever you end up with at the end is the POKEMON OF YOUR DESTINY! Currently I have Golbat :3 [ #pokemon #pokecon #anime #animecon #poochyena #RANDOMENCOUNTER #trade #bestcongameEVER ] (at Crowne Plaza)

That was started by Lan Pappy, the guy in charge of our video game room.  He’s so amazing!  I searched everywhere. Then finally lucked out by asking at closing ceremonies and this super sweet girl traded me so I finally got a gengar!  Hope you had a fun time at sukoshicon!  I was the Saeko & Poison Ivy cosplay on staff.


PokeCon has been a blast and I just found this awesome Scoots Subi!!

Glad you had a fun time at Sukoshicon: Pokecon and hope to see you at more events in the future! we’ll be back in Louisville, Kentuck July 11-13. 2014! I was the Saeko from HoTD posing super derpy cause I forgot my sword ^^;  Thanks for the photo!

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